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Nationwide Makes Insurance Claims Easier

Nine out of 10 Nationwide customers who filed an auto insurance claim would recommend us to a friend or family member.1 Why? Because we give customers a better claims experience.With our On Your Side Claims Service, you’ll get:
  • A written guarantee on repairs – When you choose a repair shop from the On Your Side Auto Repair Network®, all repairs come with a written guarantee for as long as you own or lease the car.
  • A choice of qualified car repair shops you can trust – The On Your Side Auto Repair Network includes only shops that are pre-screened and pre-qualified for the highest level of service. Look for a shop in our network.
  • Nationwide® AutoWatch® – Get repair updates and actually see your car repair online when you have it serviced in the On Your Side Auto Repair Network. See a Nationwide AutoWatch demo.
You can file an auto claim through an agent, by phone or online. You can even download our mobile app, which includes an accident toolkit to gather what you need to start your claim. Find out more in our Claims Center.

Watch our demo

Watch our demo

With Nationwide AutoWatch, you can view your car repairs from your computer.

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